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Study System Analysis and Design MBA Subject



The course will enable the student to have the insight of the systems concept through the analysis and design. The course will also help him understand the systems implementation and scheduling.

STUDY - Overview of Information System Development:

What is SAD – What system analysis is NOT – Responsibility for computer programming – Users – Business System Concepts – Information systems – Categories – System development strategies – SDLC, Structured analysis, Prototype – tools for system development. Managing Application Development: How system projects begun – Reasons for project proposals – sources of project requests – Methods of project review and selection – Preliminary Investigation.

STUDY - Requirement Analysis:

What is Requirement determination – Fact finding Techniques – interview, questionnaires, record review, and observation – tools for documenting procedures and decisions – Decision trees – Decision tables- Structured English. Structured Analysis: Concept and components – Data flow analysis – Data flow strategy – DFD’s- DFD Development and advantages – Data Dictionary – Why is data dictionary important Contents of data dictionary – recording of data descriptions.

STUDY - Prototyping:

Purpose – Rationale – Steps in prototype methods – Uses – Tools – Strategies. Case Tools: Role and benefits – Categories – Components – Integration of Tools – Using Case Tools – Advantages, disadvantages of using case tools.

STUDY - System Design:

Software requirement specification – Objectives of design – Design specification and features – introduction to output, input, file, database design. Output Design: Objectives – types of output – Key output questions – presenting information – tabular, output, graphics, use of color – Design of printed output. Input Design: Objectives – capturing data – Guidelines – Design of source document – coding methods – input validation – Methods.

STUDY - Quality Assurance, System Testing and Implementation:

Levels – Testing verification, validation, certification – Testing strategies – Practices – Test data – Implementation review – System audit.

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