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Study Sales and Distribution Management MBA Subject


To provide an understanding of the concepts, attitudes, techniques and approaches required for effective decision making in the areas of Sales and Distribution. ?To pay special emphasis on the practising manager's problems and dilemmas. ?To develop skills critical for generating, evaluating and selecting sales and distribution strategies.

STUDY - The Sales Management -

STUDY - Introduction to sales management and sales organization, Sales function & policies, Personal selling - nature, scope & objectives, Formulating Personal selling strategy.

STUDY - Planning the Sales Effort -

STUDY - Sales planning and Budgeting, Estimating Market Potential and Sales forecasting, Setting the sales territory & quotas, Sales and cost Analysis.

STUDY - Organizing and Directing the sales Force -

STUDY - Recurring and training sales personnel, Designing & compensating sales Personnel, Motivating and Leading the sales force, Evaluating sales force performance.

STUDY - Distribution Management -

STUDY - Managing marketing logistics & channels, Channel Integration - VMS, HMS, Channel Management, and Marketing channel Policies & legal issue.

STUDY - Channel Institutions & control, Wholesaling &-

STUDY - Retailing, Channel Information systems, Managing & Evaluating Channel Performance Case & future trends in sales & distribution management

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Services marketing MBA Marketing
Consumer Behavior and Market Research
Product and Brand Management
Sales and Distribution Management

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