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10th Std Sitemap
12th Std Sitemap
BA Degree Questions Sitemap.
BCom Degree Questions Sitemap.
BBM Degree Questions Sitemap.
BSc Degree Questions Sitemap.
LLB Degree Questions Sitemap.
MA Degree Questions Sitemap.
MBA Common Subjects Degree Questions Sitemap.
MBA Marketing Degree Questions Sitemap.
BE-Btech Aeronautical Degree Questions Sitemap.
BE-Btech Civil Degree Questions Sitemap.
BE-Btech Computerscience Questions Sitemap.
BE-Btech Commonsubjects Degree Questions Sitemap.
BE-Btech Mechanical Degree Questions Sitemap.

5th - 12th
Bachelors Degree
Masters Degree
Engineering (BE/BTech)

5th to 12th
5th Std  
  6th Std  
  7th Std  
  8th Std  
  9th Std  
  10th Std  
  11th Std  
  12th Std  

Bachelors Degree
BE BTech Engineering
Common Subjects  
  Electrical & Electronics  
  Electronics & Communication  
  Computer Science  
  Industrial & Production  
MBA Management PGDM
Common Subjects  
  Human Resource  
  General Management & Strategy  
Masters Degree
10th Standard
Social Studies

11th Standard

12th Standard

5th Standard
Social Studies

6th Standard
Social Studies

7th Standard
Social Studies

8th Standard
Social Studies

9th Standard
Social Studies

BA Degree
Political Science

BSc Degree
Computer Science

BCom Degree

LLB Degree
Law of Torts
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Family law
The Companies Act
Admistrative law

BBM Degree
Marketing Management

LLM Degree
Law of Torts
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Family law
The Companies Act
Admistrative law

MCom Degree
Monetary Systems
Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research
Macro Economics for Business Decisions
Information Systems and Computers
Organisational Behaviour

MSc Degree
Computer Science

MA Degree
Political Science

MBA Common Subjects
Managerial Economics
Organizational Behaviour
Marketing Management
Financial Accounting
Research Methodology
Macro Economics
Production & Operations Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Human Resource Management
Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making
Business Law
Management Information System
Financial Management
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Business Soft Skills
Business Communication
International Economics
Business Statistics
International Finance
International Market Research
Indian Economic & Trade Policies
Business Strategy
Global Sourcing & Business Development
Cross-Culture Management
Economics (Micro)

MBA Marketing
Market Research
Customer Relationship Management
Consumer Behaviour
Product & Brand Management
Services Marketing
Sales & Distribution Management
Rural Marketing
Retail Marketing
Business Marketing
Internet Marketing

MBA Finance
Insurance Management
Managing Banks & Fin Institutions
Project & Infrastructure Finance
Financial Risk Management
Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt
Mergers,Takeovers & Corp. Valuations
Financial Markets & Services
Strategic Financial Management
Corporate Taxation
Strategic Corporate Finance
Financial Modeling
Strategic Cost Management
Treasury Management
Mutual Funds
Accounting & Finance for Bankers
Financial Mathematics
Financial Derivatives & Commodities mkt
International Accounting Practices
Understanding Currencies & Ints Finance Markets
Project Appraisal & Finance
Investment Banking

MBA Operations
Supply Chain Management

MBA Systems
E-Business & E-commerce
Data Base Management
ERP Implementation
Software Project & Quality Management
IT Project Management
Knowledge Management

BE BTech Common Subjects
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Physics
Computer concept & Programming
Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Basic Electrical Engineering
Basic Electronics
Constitution of India & Professional Ethics
Environmental Studies
Heat & Mass Transfer
Modeling & Finite Element Analysis
Total Quality Management
Fuzzy Logic
Wavelet Transforms
Control Systems
Signals & Systems
Fundamentals of HDL
Reliability Engineering
Random Processes
Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI
Engineering System Design
Embedded System Design
Dynamics of Machines
Applied Thermodynamics
Digital Switching Systems
Digital System Design using VHDL
DSP Algorithms & Architecture
Experimental Stress Analysis
Electronic Instrumentation
Digital Signal Processing & Applications
Basic Thermodynamics
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
Pattern Recognition
Optical Computing
Distributed Systems
Speech Processing
Programming in C ++
Computer Organization
Low Power VLSI Design
Linear ICs & Applications
Field Theory
Smart Materials
Project Management
Real Time Systems
Power Electronics
Optical Fiber Communication
Real Time Operating Systems
Operating System
Operation research
Network Analysis
Information and Network Security
Multimedia Communication
Modern Control theory
Information theory and coding
Gas Dynamics
Modeling & Simulation of Data Networks
Mechanical Vibration
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Foundry Technology
Fracture Mechanics
Manufacturing Process
Kinematics of Machines
Internet Engineering
Image Processing
Micro and Smart Systems Technology
Material Science & Metallurgy/Mechanical Measurements & Metrology
Chemical Reaction Engg.
Computational Fluid dynamics
Computer Aided Machine Drawing/ Fluid Mechanics
Computer communication Networks
Computer Graphics
Control Engineering
Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)
Design of Machine Elements
Digital Communication
Mechatronics and Microprocessor
Automation in Manufacturing
Design of Experiments
Biomedical Signal Processing
Composite materials
Mechanics of Materials
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Adaptive Signal Processing
Analog & Mixed Mode VLSI Design
Analog Communication
ATM Networks
Data Structures using C++
Analog Electronic Circuits
Logic Design
Industrial Management
High performance computer networks
Theory of Elasticity
Theory of Plasticity
Statistical quality control
Satellite Communication
Artificial Neural Network
Wireless Communication
Agile Manufacturing
Management Information Systems
Artificial Intelligence

BE BTech Aeronautical
Elements of Aeronautics
Aircraft Propulsion
Aircraft Structures
Introduction to Composite Materials
Theory of Vibrations
Numerical Methods
Aircraft Materials
Applied Gas Dynamics
Performance, Stability & Control
GasTurbine Technology
Optimisation Techniques
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Theory of plates and shells
Nondestructive Testing
Helicopter Dynamics
Space Mechanics and Launch Vehicles
Industrial and Experimental Aerodynamics
Flight Vehicle Design
Flight Testing
Theory of Aeroelasticity
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
Boundary Layer Theory
Aerospace Quality Assurance
Aircraft Safety Rules and Regulations
Guidance and Navigation
Product Design and Manufacturing
Aircraft Systems and Instrumentation

BE BTech Automobile
Automotive engine & components
Auxiliary systems of Automotive Engines
Automotive fuels & combustion
Automotive chassis & Suspension
Automotive Transmission
Two and Three Wheeled Vehicle
Advanced I.C Engines
Engineering Economics and Automotive Cost Estimation
Automotive Air Pollution & Control
Vehicle Body Engineering & Safety
Manufacture of Automobile Components
Vehicle Transport Management
Auto Electrical & Electronics Systems
Hybrid Vehicles
Design of Automotive Engine Components
Alternate Energy Sources for Automobiles
Earth moving equipments and Tractors
Non Traditional Machining
Mechanical vibration & vehicle Dynamics
Automotive air conditioning
Simulation of I.C Engine processes

BE BTech Civil
Materials of Construction
Strength of Materials
Fluid Mechanics
Applied Engineering Geology
Basic Material Testing Laboratory
Building Construction
Structural Analysis
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
Building Planning & Drawing
Design of structures RCC
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Design & Drawing of RC structures
Irrigation Engineering. & Hydraulic Structures
Matrix Method of Structural Analysis
Alternative Building Materials and Technologies
Ground Improvement Techniques
Ground Water Hydrology
Advanced Surveying
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Traffic Engineering
Design of Steel Structures
Quantity Surveying and Estimation
Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Structures
Advanced Design of RC Structures
Structural Dynamics
Earth and Earth Retaining Structures
Highway Geometric Design
Open Channel Hydraulics
Solid Waste Management
Numerical methods in Civil Engineering
Rock Mechanics
Pavement Materials and Construction
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Air Pollution and Control
Design of Masonry Structures
Advanced Concrete Technology
Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
Advanced Foundation Design
Pavement Design
Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures
Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Quality Management System in Civil Engineering
Reinforced Earth Structures
Urban Transport Planning
Geographic Information System
Advanced Design of Steel Structures
Design of Hydraulic Structures
Environmental Impact Assessment

BE BTech Chemical
Momentum Transfer
Chemical Process
Technical Chemistry
Mechanical Operations
Material Sc. & Materials of Construction
Chemical Engg. Thermodynamics
Process Heat Transfer
Chemical Technology
Instrumental Method of Analysis
Mass Transfer
Pollution Prevention & Control Engg.
Chemical Equipment Design
Petroleum Refinery Engg.
Pharmaceutical Technology
Operations Research
Chemical Plant Utilities & Safety
Energy Technology
Process Equipment Design & Drawing
Food Technology
Polymer Technology
Electrochemical Technology
Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering
Oils and Fats
Sugar Technology
Chemical Process Integration
Instrumentation & Process Control
Computer Applications & Modeling
Biochemical Engineering
Process Engineering Economics
Novel Separation Techniques
Advanced Bio Process Engineering
Pulp and Paper Technology
Multi-component Distillation
Waste Management and Recycle
Pilot Plant and Scale up Methods
Interfacial Phenomena & Surface Engineering
Transport Phenomena

BE BTech Biomedical
8086 Microprocessors & Peripherals
Biomedical Transducers and Measurements
Clinical Instrumentation
Biomedical Equipments
Communication Systems
C++ & Data Structures
VLSI Design
Biomedical Digital Signal Processing
Rehabilitation Engineering
Hospital Design, Planning & Management
Communication & Healthcare Networks
Medical Imaging Systems
Medical Image Processing
Biomechanics & Biodynamics
Genetic Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Medical Informatics
ARM Processors
Speech Signal Processing
Software Engineering
Data Base Management System in Healthcare
Biomaterials & Artificial Organs
Biological Control Systems and Modeling
Picture Archiving & Communication Systems
Pattern Recognition in Medicine
Digital Systems using Verilog
Lasers & Optical Fibers in Medicine
Biosensors & Smart Sensors
Neural Networks & AI in Biomedical Engg
Embedded System Programming
Distributed Sensor Networks

BE BTech Computer Science
Electronic Circuits
Data Structures with C
Computer Networks
Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Systems Software
Software Engineering
Unix and Shell Programming
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Object Oriented Programming with C++
Signals and Systems
Computer Graphics and Visualization
Compiler Design
Unix Systems Programming
Stochastic Models and Applications
Data Compression
Object-Oriented Modeling and Design
Software Architectures
Programming the Web
Embedded Computing Systems
Advanced DBMS
Java and J2EE
Multimedia Computing
Data Mining
Neural Networks
C# Programming and .Net
Digital Image Processing
Game Theory
VLSI Design and Algorithms
System Modeling and Simulation
Advanced Computer Architectures
Mobile Computing
Ad-hoc Networks
Web 2.0 & Rich Internet Application
ARM Based System Design
Software Testing
Programming Languages
Grid Computing
Services Oriented Architecture
Storage Area Networks
Network Management Systems
Microcontroller-Based Systems

BE BTech Electrical and Electronics
Electrical Measurements
Electric Power Generation
Transformers and Induction Machines
Signals and Systems
Transmission and Distribution
D.C. Machines and Synchronous Machines
Power System Analysis and Stability
Switchgear & Protection
Electrical Machine Design
Digital Signal Processing
Electrical Drawing and CAD
Network Synthesis and Active Filter Design
Advanced Power Electronics
Intellectual Property Rights
Object Oriented Programming using C++
Computer Techniques in Power System Analysis
Electrical Power Utilization
High Voltage Engineering
Industrial Drives and Applications
Power System Planning
Over Voltages in Power Systems
Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipment
Electrical Engineering Materials
Embedded Systems
Reactive Power Management
Energy Auditing and Demand Side Management
Insulation Engineering
Discrete Control Systems
VLSI Circuits and Design
Electrical Estimation and Economics
Power System Operation and Control
Modern Power System Protection
Electrical Distribution Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers
Software Engineering
Fixable A.C. Transmission Systems (FACTS)
Data communications and Networking
Power Systems Dynamics and Stability
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Renewable Energy Sources
HVDC Transmission
Electrical Power Quality
Computer Control of Electrical Drives

BE BTech Electronics and Communication
Microwaves and Radar
Antennas and Propagation
Applied Embedded System Design
Video Engineering
Network Security
Optical Networks

BE BTech Industrial and Planning
Quality Assurance & Reliability
Non Conventional Machining
Tool Engineering & Design
Theory of Metal Forming
Control Engineering
Theory of Metal Cutting
Work Study and Ergonomics
Engineering Economy
Facilities Planning and Design
Concurrent Engg
Combinatorial Optimization
Simulation Modeling & Analysis
Advance Foundry Technology
Software Engineering & Management
Finite Element Method
Value Engg. & Industrial Best Practice
Enterprise Resource planning
World Class Manufacturing
Fluid Power Systems
Advanced Operations Research
Advanced Joining Processes & NDT
Product Design & Manufacturing
Decision Support System
Just in Time Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems

BE BTech Mechanical
Energy Engineering
Turbo Machines
Engineering Economics
Non Traditional Machining
Mechanics of Composites Material
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Design of Heat Exchanger
Mechanism Design
Product Design & Manufacturing
Internal Combustion Engine
Solar Energy
Machine Tool Design
Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
Rapid Prototyping
Data Base Management System
Automotive Engineering
Bio Mass Energy System
Industrial Engineering & Economics

BE BTech Telecommunication
Microwaves and Radar
Transmission Lines & Antennas
Satellite Communication
Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
Digital Signal Compression
Video Engineering
Optical Communication & Networking

BE BTech textile
Textile Polymer Science
Manufactured Fibre Technology
Textile fibre physics
Chemical Processing of Textiles
Woven Cloth Construction & Textile Design
Statistical Applications to Textiles
Advanced Fabric Structure & Design
Fashion Design & Garment Manufacture
Textile Fibres
Yarn Manufacture
Fabric Manufacture
Textile Testing
Garment Surface ornamentation
Apparel Marketing & Merchandising
Smart Textiles
Sericulture & Silk Technology
Pollution Control in Textile Industry
Non Woven Technology
Electronic Controls in Textile Machines
Technical Textiles
Elementary Mechanics of Textile Structures
Non Mulberry Silk Technology
Knitting Technology
Textile Mechanics & Calculations
Recycling of Textiles
Erection and Maintenance of TextileMachinery
Fibre Reinforced Composites
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