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2005 Bharathiar University M.Sc Psychology HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Question paper

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2005 Bharathiar University M.Sc Psychology HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Question paper

Second Year

Applied Psychology


Time:Three hours
Maximum:100 marks

SECTION A - (20x1 = 20 marks)

Answer ALL questions.

1. ____________is more concerned with the potential abilities of people.

(a) HRD

(b) HRM

(c) Personnel Management

(d) Man power planning.

2. _________is called as the means of bringing employees into an organisation and immediately becoming fully functioning.

(a) Orientation (b) Socialization
(c) Mentoring (d) Staffing.

3. Employee performance is a function of the employee's ability to do a job and
(a) the employees willingness to do the job
(b) the supervisor's ability to monitor performance.
(c) effective communication throughout the organization.
(d) the organization's cultural environment.

4. Human resource management systems usage has grown significantly in recent years for all of the reasons except

(a) skill demands have become less complex for most of the work force.
(b) technology costs have come down
(c) systems are more user friendly
(d) managers are often overwhelmed with information.

5. How can a teacher produce dysfunctional tension in a straight - A student.

(a) by giving boring lectures
(b) by giving difficult tests
(c) required oral presentations as part of the class
(d) all the above.

6. ________ manager is responsible to safeguard the power and weaker sections.

(a) Personal (b) Marketing
(c) Human Resource (d) Systems.

Say True or False.

7. HRD is the central part of HRM.

8. Ego involvement is widely recognized as a major factor in development activities.

9. Motivation is considered a mobilization of sentiments.

10. Delphi technique is used to assess the performance of employees.

11. Morale is treated as mobilization of energy.

12. HRD prepares employees to meet the present job needs.

13. Define organizational development.

14. Define training.

15. What is meant by HR inventory ?

16. What are the three basic inputs for training ?

17. Define morale.

18. Mention any two techniques of forecasting human resources.

19. Why are cultural considerations critical to the success of any global business?

20. What is QWL ?

SECTION B - (5x6 = 30 marks )

21.(a) Differentiate human development from human resource development.
(b) List out the benefits of HRD.

22. (a) Discuss the health management with reference to education institutions.
(b) Point out various constraints faced by employees while going for higher education.

23. (a) What do you mean by technological innovaion ?
(b) Bring out the strategies to be followed to empower women employees.

24. (a) What is the role of NGO's in maintaining a conduction HRD climate?
(b) Elaborately discuss the participative managemet.

25. (a) What are the advantages and disadvantage of the various external recruitment sources?
(b) Explain job enrichment.

SECTION C - (5x10 = 50 marks)

26. (a) Suggest some strategies to meet the challenges arised by liberalization.
(b) Discuss the various approaches to human resources development

(b) Elucidate the scope of self-employment.

28. (a) How developmental needs can be achieved through research?
(b) Explain various entrepreneurial skills.

29. (a) Suggest some measures to increase participation.
(b) Explain the mechanism involved in coordination.

30. (a) Define socialization and state its importance.
(b) Bring out the factors which influence counselling.

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