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2007 Mahatma Gandhi University M.B.A Business Administration Marketing Management Question paper

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2007 Mahatma Gandhi University M.B.A Business Administration Marketing Management Question paper


Second Semester


Time: Three Hours Maximum {2004 admission onwards : 60 marks
(2003 admissions : 75 marks

Section A

Answer all questions.

Each question carries ¾ marks.
1 State the scope of marketing.
2 What is customized marketing?
3 Describe Product Management.
4 What is meant by channel conflicts?
5 Define Green marketing.
(5 X 3 = 15 marks)
(5 X 4 = 20 marks)

Section B

Answer all Questions.

Each question carries 5/6 marks

6 How has marketing management changed?
7 What constitutes good marketing research?
8 How do consumer characteristics influence buying behavior?

9 What criteria can a company use to choose the most attractive target markets?
10 How can a company build and manage its product mix and product lines?
11 What markegeting strategies are appropriate at each level of PLC?
12 Explain how to price the same product when it goes through different channels with examples.

13 What is a brand? How do you build brand identity?
14 What trends are taking place in channel dynamics?

15 Discuss the role of promotion in markets?
(5 X 5 = 25 marks)
( 5 X 6 = 30 marks)

Section C (Compulsory )

Case Analysis :-

Mazda has been selling cars trucks in the highly competitive US market for more than three decades. Its various models have received high marks from consumers in areas such as styling performance, reliability and value. The sporty models like Rotary Engine RX-7 and Miata Roadster helped the company sell nearly four lakh vehicles per year in the US during the period 1980 to 1993.

However during mid -90’s, Mazda embarked on all ill –conceived expansion including 6 new models in less than a year and there was a lack of focus in its marketing and advertising plans. From 1994 to 1997, Mazda’s US sales dropped nearly 70%, reaching an all time low in 15 years. The new president of Mazda said, he found an inefficient company with an “image that was bouncing all around”.. Most of the ads for various models touted the prices and functional features with little attention being given to image and positioning. A change in marketing strategy and advertising philosophy was inevitable to regain its strong position.

To begin its recovery, a new marketing strategy was developed that called for Mazda to refocus its efforts and target a younger generation of drivers who appreciate cars with sporty features and want to make a statement about themselves with their cars. Mazda recruited a new agency, ‘Doner and Co’.

The new agency was given the task of building an image that would capture Mazda’s overall personality and set its vehicles apart from others. It was also asked to develop a theme that could be used for Mazda brand rather than trying to establish a separate image for each model.

Doner developed a simple but powerful slogan for Mazda “GET IN BE MOVED”. The slogan is seen as more than just a tag line, it is a brand promise. Mazda’s marketing manager notes “It’s an invitation to the customer, a motivation and promise that you come to Mazda, you get in and we promise that you will be moved by what our cars have to other”. Mazda uses T. V., Radio, Magazine, Newspapers, Bill boards, Internet etc. for its ads. It sponsors motor sports, offers sales promotion incentives for dealers and sales force. Publicity is generated through press releases and PR activities as well as product placement in movies and T.V. shows.

In essence, it is a major departure from the traditional advertising and other promotional activities. In fact, it is using integrated marketing communications approach./ It is an excellent example of a well planned and executed marketing communications strategy. It also provides a new direction with respect to the changing roles of advertising and other forms of promotion in the modern world of marketing.

The new, “GET IN BE MOVED” campaign helped in higher sales during 2000 and 2001. Mazda appears to be on the move once again. In the process, Doner gets moved as the agency has breathed new life in to Mazda.

Questions :-

(a) Why did the advertising themes fail during mid -90’s?
(b) How did the new agency Doner Breath new life into Mazda?
(c) “GET IN . BE MOVED” is a brand promise. Elaborate.
(d) Take one from Mazda’s success, justify the critical role of integrated marketing communications. (20 marks)
(25 marks)

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