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2006 Andhra University M.B.A Business Administration AMDM - 306 - Marketing of Services Question paper

University Question Papers
2006 Andhra University M.B.A Business Administration AMDM - 306 - Marketing of Services Question paper
Third Year

Time : Three hours

Maximum : 75 marks

1. Section A consists of EIGHT short answers questions. The candidate has to answer any FOUR questions. The answer shall not exceed I page each.
2. Section B consists of FOUR questions. Each question consists of either or choices and the candidate has to answer either (a) or (b) from each question. The answer shall not exceed 5 pages each.
3. Section C consists of case which is compulsory.

SECTION - A (4 x 3 = 12 Marks)

Write briefly on any FOUR of the following:

a) Goods Vs. Services
b) The Vth 'P' in services
c) ATMs
d) Insurance product
e) Personal selling in tourism services
f) Distribution of medicare
g) Marketing mix for education services
h) Courier service

SECTION - B (4 x 12 = 48 Marks)

2. a) Write a brief note on emerging key services in the Indian perspective.


b) Examine the significance of branding and advertising in marketing financial services.

3. a) How do you design a service strategy for a company like 'Dosa King' ?


b) 'Tour operators act as wholesalers and travel agents like retailers'. - Elucidate.

4. a) Explain how marketing of cardiac care emerged as an important area in Corporate Hospitals.


b) How is market segmentation done for family planning ?

5. a) Quoting an example, discuss how ad agencies market their services.


b) Outline the logistics involved in the marketing of public utilities.

SECTION - C (1 5 Marks)

6. Case Study: Management Education at The Harvard Business School.

Harvard is one ofthe leading business schools. Yet there is growing concern about whether the school is moving in the right direction. Harvard's mission has been to educate 'general managers and business leaders,' but recently, over 50 percent of its graduates took jobs in investment banking and management consulting. Moreover, less than one-fourth of the 1987 MBAs went into manufacturing companies, and of those, most moved into staff, rather than line. positions.

Investment houses and consulting firms are eager to recruit at Harvard, offering attractive starting salaries, While some critics accuse the students of being greedy, many professors supplement their salaries by teaching in corporations, consulting, appearing as expert witnesses, or serving on corporate boards, While consulting can enhance teaching, therc is a maximum time officially allowed for outside activities.

The approach to teaching has also changed. The case approach, for which Harvard is famous. used to stress the role of the general manager. While cases are still used, more analytical tools have become increasingly important. for example, the course Business Policy has changed to Competitive Strategy under the leadership of Professor Michael Porter, who, with a background in economics, uses concepts and theories in making competitive analyses.

Harvard, once known for developing business leaders, now increasingly educates specialists1. Most of the students have shown little interest in joining manufacturing firms. Yet manufacturing may be critical for making the United States competitive.


1) Do you think Harvard is moving in the right direction ?
2) How does Harvard's approach compare with the one used in your school?
hat changes would you recommend in the company's employee development programmes?
3. Does it make sense to develop employees at company's expense, only to lose them afterwards'? What policy guidelines would you advance so as to benefit trainees as well as the company?

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