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Class 10th CBSE English 6 Questions 30 Marks

Class 10th CBSE English 6 Questions 30 Marks

Class 10th CBSE English 6 Questions 30 Marks

Sample Paper – 2012
Class – X
Subject – English

The Question paper is divided into four sections:        
Section A:                  Reading Comprehension                            04 Marks
Section B:                  Writing                                                            12 Marks
Section C:                  Grammar                                                        08 Marks        
Section D:                  Literature                                                       06 Marks
General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. You may attempt any section at a time.
  3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

SECTION – A (Reading)
1. Read the poem carefully.                                                                                       4
The Bird
O Bird! Where are you? Where can I meet you?
O Bird! You are the embodiment of a new lease of life.
You have come to kick open the door of bondage
And illuminate a revived Soul.

Though the evening comes with slow steps
And signals the songs to cease;
Though your companions have gone to take rest
And you are tired………….
Though fear broods in the dark and the face of the sky is veiled.
O Bird listen to me, don’t fold your wings.

O Bird! I ran across hill and dale.
I wander through nameless land in search of you.
You are the immortal entity
And the torch bearer of pure knowledge.
You are the essence of all desirable beauties
And the synonym of Love and Liberty
Plus Justice and Security.

O Bird! You are unconquerable and invincible.
Everybody tries to suppress you.
But you are omnipotent and giver of renewed life
To the inflicted minds.

O Bird! Don’t fold your wings.
Make me your string.
You are like the fresh dews of early morning.
Only you can bring the beacon of hope
To the imprisoned and dejected souls.

On the basis of your reading of the poem, pick out the correct option from the list of options in each question and write the answer in your answer sheet.
1.1. The bird is the embodiment of ----------------------------
            (a)       love.
            (b)       a new lease of life.
            (c)       hatred
1.2. The poet wandered through nameless land in search of ---------------------
            (a)       his mother.
            (b)       wealth.
            (c)       a bird.
1.3. The poet requests the bird -----------------------------------------
            (a)       to kill him.
            (b)       to influence the impure minds.
            (c)       not to fold its wings.
1.4. The literary device used in the concluding three lines is an example of --------------
            (a)       metaphor
            (b)       simile.
            (c)       allegory.
SECTION – B (Writing)
2. Write a bio-sketch , taking help from the hints given below. (Word limit 80)       4

BIRTH               : 1901, Chicago
EDUCATION              : Studied at Kansas City Art Institute
CAREER                      : Commercial artist and animator for an advertising company.
ACHIEVEMENTS        : # Created famous cartoon characters – Mickey Mouse, Donald
                                      # Films – Snowwhite and Seven Dwarfs
                                      # Pinnochio, Bambi, The Jungle Book
                                      # Opened Disney land in 1954 in California
DEATH               in 1966

3. Write an e-mail to your friend describing the farewell party given to your favourite teacher who retired from the school recently. You may take help of the clues given below. The format of the e-mail is given. (Word limit 120)                                         8
Ms Annie – English teacher – served for 30 years – highly qualified – taught using innovative methods – understanding and caring – treated everyone equally – the occasion both sad and nostalgic – touching farewell speech by the principal sir – everybody got emotional – Ms Annie could barely speak – will be remembered forever.

Date :                         -------------------------------------------------------------------------
From :                         -------------------------------------------------------------------------
To :                              -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Subject :                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Sir / XYZ




Regards / Love



4. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.                                                                                                          4

The television has always very controversial.                            e.g. always been very
While the positive aspects the electronic (a)
media innumerable, their negative (b)
impact children cannot be denied.(c)
For new piece of information that (d)
a child learns the Discovery or National (e)
Geographic channel, are also (f)
unrealistic stunt shows parents dislike.(g)
Computers and TV have students to lose (h)
interest in studies.
5. Complete the headlines by choosing the correct answer from the options                  4
            (a) CLASHES KILL 20 IN NANDIGRAM
Clashes between two warring groups ------------------------ 20 people at Nandigram in West Bengal.
The cluster meeting as part of training programme for teachers ------------------- to next month, an official statement said here on Friday.
            (c) PM UNDERGOES SURGERY
The Prime Minister ------------------------------ surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Saturday. 
Violating the ceasefire yet again, Pakistani troops --------------------------- at a forward border, drawing retaliation from BSF troops.
(a) (i)   kills      (ii)        killed   (iii)       killing  (iv) will kill
(b) (i)   postponed    (ii) was postponed   (iii) will be postponed          (iv) is postponed
(c) (i)   undergoes    (ii) undergoing          (iii) underwent          (iv) will undergo
(d) (i)   fires                 (ii) fired                       (iii) will fire                  (iv) firing
SECTION – D (Literature)
6. Answer any three of the following questions in about 30 – 40 words.                  6
            (a) Why does the crew hang the Albatross around the Mariner’s neck?
            (b) Justify the title “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
            (c) What is a ballad? Discuss “Rime of the ancient Mariner” as a ballad.
            (d) Give two examples of supernatural elements from the play ‘Julius Caesar’

Paper Submitted By:
Name:             Biswanath Ghosh
Phone No.       09461116110



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